Church in Zazuli/

Church in Zazuli/

I'm from Poland, but my great grandfather is from Ukraine. He lived in Zazuli/, a small village near Zołoczów/. I wanted to learn something more about my family. Do you know if there is any church in or do you know any other institution that has got some old archives (before the world war II)?

//I do not speak ukrainian, but I understand both ukrainian and russian

It is pitiful, with archives sufficiently difficultly. It is possible to take interest in a church. In principle for me family lives in Zazuli, namely a root is from pidgirci and Bugok. Write more information that you know about your ancestors
What I know? I know not so much :/. They lived in the so-called "Polish part" of the village Zazuli. I think some informations about my family are in the church chronicles.
I am from Zozuli! Our church isn't old, that's why we haven't any archieves.
Hi !

I've already found some archives in Warsaw, Poland. Thanks for your answers !
I'm very glad!